Don’t Be Oblivious makes it to the top 20!

The people have voted, the results are in and my faith in humanity has been restored!

Don’t Be Oblivious (School) has made it into the top 20 viewed ads!

YouTube is not just a place where zillions of viewers around the globe are united in their love of light hearted home-spun entertainment, plugging-in to watch a dancing baby or a cat being thrown into a dustbin, NO! They have also been watching Don’t be Oblivious, our stark attention grabbing video about human trafficking.


Well what can we say…actually I have a speech prepared… thank you to my mum and dad for all their support, thank you to the fans, without them it would not have been possible and most importantly THANK YOU to Leagas Delany the fantastic, generous creative geniuses who created the video and offer all their skills and experience to STOP THE TRAFFIK pro bono. We love you Leagas!



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