Northern Ireland – Police can’t do it alone!

This week, a BBC investigation in Northern Ireland uncovered that up to £500,000 is spent every week on prostitution and police estimate there are 88 brothels in operation. Read more here.

Police said gangs can make millions of pounds a year by trafficking women in to the country and exploiting them. Northern Ireland has a higher demand for prostitution than many other areas in Europe and the authorities know that something needs to be done but the police are able to tackle it all. But the police shouldn’t have to do it alone. Communities also have a role in combating human trafficking. They need to increase their participation in making their neighbourhoods hostile to trafficking through involvement in awareness raising and community action.

Last week, one of our staff members was in Belfast delivering a workshop at a training day lead by Belfast City council and Migrant help line.  The event was attended by frontline professionals, services providers and community members who were passionate about wanting to understand the indicators of trafficking and how to appropriately respond/report if they came across cases.

“For me the value of the day was meeting those who represented their communities across Northern Ireland.  People wanted to know what role they could play in the fight to combat trafficking in Northern Ireland.” – STOP THE TRAFFIK staff

We have an ACT group in Craigavon  who are beginning to increase awareness and understanding of the issues so that Craigavon becomes a community where it is harder for traffickers to hide themselves and their victims.  If you’re in Northern Ireland (or anywhere else around the world!) why not start your own ACT group and do your part to make your neighbourhood traffik-free.


4 thoughts on “Northern Ireland – Police can’t do it alone!

  1. Hi guys is there any way I can contact the craigavon ACT group? I really wish I had known that workshop was on I would have loved to have attended.

  2. David

    A massive problem here will be convincing people that it’s actually happening. This place has been tied up with their own problem for decades and many people will not want to know they have a new and rapidly growing crime against humanity on their shores (I write with experience). Activists need a cautionary approach; the people controlling this henious crime are not your average Sunday school teachers but they need to be locked up permanently. People have power. By getting as many as possible involved; learning about the global issue and by not letting our governments palm us off with yet another ‘political’ excuse, something may at last be accomplished. We also need to acknowledge that those who are rescued have been victims of a crime. They need to be treated with dignity and they shouldn’t be locked up and deported at our earliest convenience back into the hands of the people who trafficked them in the first place. Most things start small, let’s be patient, make an anti-human trafficking movement grow throughout the whole of Ireland. If we ignore this issue it will grow out of control as traffickers and slave holders exploit their victims who will continue to suffer intolerable violence, rape and cruelty.

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