Stolen – new BBC drama addresses child trafficking

Sunday 3rd July, BBC1 will air it’s new 90-minute drama Stolen, from award-winning director Justin Chadwick

Stolen follows the story of one man, Anthony, and three children. Anthony works in the Human Trafficking Unit, battling to make a difference to the plight of exploited children being smuggled into the UK and from there, to anywhere and to any fate. (Courtesy of BBC Press Office)

Damian Lewis, who plays Anthony,  said

It makes you look at aeroplanes passing through the sky very differently. Is there a child on that plane that’s just been trafficked from wherever? And I think people who see this film will feel the same way. It goes on all around us in the shadows.” (In an interview with Ian Wylie

You can watch Stolen at 9pm Sunday, 3rd July on BBC1.

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Can’t watch it on TV? You can watch it live online.

Can’t watch it live online? You can watch it on BBC iPlayer.

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Although BBC1 does broadcast in a lot of countries around the world, we know that not everyone will be able to view this amazing drama. We also know that a lot of  networks around the world are trying to raise awareness about human trafficking so tell us about TV dramas in your country that you think have addressed the issue of trafficking well!


03 July 2011, 11:30pm

I just watched Stolen and they did a really good job representing many of the forms of child trafficking.

What did you think?

Did you notice any times during the film that someone could have recognized the signs of trafficking and helped?

What about places where a poster or a flyer could have helped the victims?

Head over to our Facebook page and let us know what you thought of the film.

If you want to do something to take action and help prevent and stop human trafficking, visit our website to learn more about trafficking and see all the ways you can get involved.



7 thoughts on “Stolen – new BBC drama addresses child trafficking

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  2. I haven´t seen the movie Stolen yet but I will. Seen other movies like human trafficking,the wistleblower and taken. It´s a sick and terrible industry. Selling people like commodities is wrong. We can and need to make a change! Together we can fight this!

  3. mel

    Hello! Does anyone know where I can get my hands on this drama a year after it was aired? I watched it and thought it was amazing but now I want to show my friends.

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