Nestlé, Wish you were here!

Where are you headed on holiday over the next few months?

If you are headed to Australia you’re in chocolaty luck because you’ll be able to find traffik-free 4 finger Kit Kat bars and by the end of 2011, Nestlé has committed to making their entire Australian Kit Kat range traffik-free and UTZ certified! Read more…

Not going to Australia? That’s ok!

No matter where you go on holiday if you can’t find a traffik-free chocolate bar, we want you to let Nestlé  know! Grab a postcard and write them a note. Tell them “I’m here on holiday and I’m very disappointed that I can’t find traffik-free chocolate!” or as mine reads “Dear Nestlé  traffik-free chocolate, Wish you were here! – Elizabeth”

After you’ve written your message, stick a stamp on it and pop it in the post! Click here to look up the address of the Nestlé  headquarters in the country you are traveling to.

If you find your favourite traffik-free chocolate bar while you are on holiday, or maybe you’ll discover a new one, we want you to let us know! Leave us a comment, e-mail us, post a photo of it on our Facebook wall – tell us where you went on holiday and what traffik-free  chocolate you found so we can share it with other activists travelling there in the future.

Our colleague Katy heads off soon on holiday to Kenya so we are excited to see what traffik-free chocolate she finds when she’s there. She’s also got the address packed to write her postcard.

We hope you enjoy your holiday and traffik-free chocolate wherever your headed!


One thought on “Nestlé, Wish you were here!

  1. The coalition called Stop the Traffik wants the manufacturers to declare chocolate traffik-free so consumers can be sure they are not supporting child slave labour.

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