Traffik-free chocolate where you live

Today is World Day Against Child Labour, sponsored by the International Labour Organization.

For a couple of years now activists around the world have been campaigning hard to get the chocolate companies to get on board with using cocoa in their products that isn’t grown and picked using trafficked child labour. From sending postcards, letters, and e-mails to Nestle’s national headquarters in their country to holding fondu parties and getting their friends and family to buy only traffik-free chocolate, activists are making a difference!

Two of the questions I get e-mailed a lot here at STOP THE TRAFFIK is “What brands of chocolate are traffik-free where I live?” and “Where can I buy traffik-free chocolate?” STOP THE TRAFFIK has guides on our website but we know there are more traffik-free chocolates out there than what we know about so I’m turning the tables and asking you – What’s your favorite traffik-free chocolate bar? and Where do you buy it?

You can leave a comment here, e-mail us, or leave a comment on our Facebook note “Traffik-free chocolate where I live”  

For everyone living in Australia and South Africa, the week leading up to World Day Against Child Labour brought good news and more options for buying traffik-free chocolate!

In Australia, Mars Bars are now Rain forest Alliance  

and Cadbury’s Fairtrade Dairy Milk has made it to South Africa!


5 thoughts on “Traffik-free chocolate where you live

  1. My personal favourite in London, UK is Green & Black’s Butterscotch, especially when it’s on sale at Sainsbury’s!

    – Elizabeth

  2. One of my favorites: ChocVol met stukjes San Francisco, Verkade.
    Available at Albert Hein in the Netherlands. Probably not at all their shops, only at the big ones.
    I also love Tony Chocolonely milkchocolate.
    Available at Wereldwinkels and many supermarkets in The Netherlands.

  3. Anonymous

    In Switzerland the 2 big supermarkets (Coop and Migro) do their own ranges, and they’re pretty yummy. Sadly the big Swiss chocolate names do not.

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