Cut the strings of the trafficking puppet masters

Today, the London Metropolitan Police are spreading the word around London about their new human trafficking hotline which we hope will encourage victims and those who may know of victims to help cut the strings of their puppet-master traffickers.

STOP THE TRAFFIK are really excited to work with the Met police on this project. With today’s launch of the Met’s hotline, London joins cities around the world like Manila and Abu Dhabi, in which hotlines have seen great success in helping to alert authorities to potential trafficking situations, rescue victims, and eventually prosecute the traffickers.

Hotlines are fantastic tools to help combat human trafficking but they are only helpful if victims and communities know about them which is one of the reasons STOP THE TRAFFIK developed the GLOBAL TRAVEL ALERT! Victims are trafficked from a community and are trafficked into a community and although we aim to prevent trafficking before it happens, we also want to reach potential victims while they are in the process of travelling from one community to the next via car, train, bus, boat or plane.

No matter where you are in the world, you can use the Global TRAVEL ALERT! to help spread the word about your local hotline or number victims and community members can contact to receive help and support. Getting involved is really simple! All you need to do is download the resources from our webpage, customize them to meet your community’s needs and then start spreading the word in your community at hotels, bus and train stations, schools, churches, community centers, everywhere!

The poster is great for hanging in toilets in travel centers like bus and train stations. Just adapt it with a local phone number people can pull-off and take with them.

Ask your local hotels to put door hangers in each of their rooms. You can even give them to friends and family and ask them to take them with them when they travel to hang up.

We’ve also created a fold-up luggage label you add a local number to and also add an organisational logo to if you want! Pass them out to travellers in your community so they can stick it in their wallet and will always know who to call if they need to.

If you’ve got any questions about bringing TRAVEL ALERT! to your community, e-mail us at


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