What are your favourite trafficking films?

A team of New York University (NYU) postgraduate students are getting ready to film Brave Girl, which will tell the story of Bumika, a 13-year old Nepali girl, who is trying to “change the heart of a kidnapper before her fate is out of her control.”

We are really excited about this film! With each new film about human trafficking there is an opportunity to reach a new audience and raise awareness around the issue so hopefully Erin Galey and her team can raise the funds they need to complete their project. You can find out more about the film here.

What are your favourite (or least favourite) films about trafficking? Any recommendations? When I was explaining what we do at STOP THE TRAFFIK and what human trafficking is to my 16-year old ‘sister’ she were struggling to understand, so since she lives a few miles east of Hollywood I thought a movie reference might help. I asked if she’d seen Taken and obviously she had because I saw an expression of understanding, and then horror, come over her face. I’ve only seen Taken once and I have to admit, before I started at STOP THE TRAFFIK, it was my go-to reference when I needed to explain trafficking to someone. After I started here, I was so disappointed when someone told me the film never actually mentions “human trafficking,” I was especially bummed since it is one of only two films that come to mind when I need a spur of the moment pop-culture reference for trafficking – Slum Dog Millionaire is the other one. We get asked to recommend films all the time for various national and international films festivals; leave us a comment and tell us which ones would you recommend?

You don’t have to be a budding director or have a huge budget to make a film to raise awareness about human trafficking! A lot of our activists use their talents to produce films about human trafficking and I’m  in awe at the amount of creativity they have. Last month we launched the global TRAVEL ALERT! and we want our activists to hold a summit to raise awareness within their local hotel and/or transport industries. We also want you to have some fun and stage a prank to get publicity for your summit! You could stage a hotel room on your high street with a mattress, friends donning their favourite PJs and some event flyers or you could organize a flash mob at your local train/bus station, whatever you can think of, film it and put it on YouTube to spread the word! For details, check out our how-to guide.


10 thoughts on “What are your favourite trafficking films?

  1. leanne

    Holly is my favourite I found it so touching really gets to you how tragic it all is and how sad that children are involved too makes me angry but also watching the film makes me want to do more to help.

    1. I looked up the trailer YouTube and it looks like a really great film. I’m intrigued to see what happens and how it turns out. It’s also impressive that they actually shot on location and in real brothels for some of it. Thanks for telling us about it Leanne!

    1. Hey Sophie,

      I’m really curious to see a few episodes of the series. In a few of my favourite crime shows – NCIS, CSI, Hawaii Five-O, Law and Order SVU, etc. – they have had an episode or two about trafficking but I’m intrigued to see a whole series on it.


    1. Hey Neil,

      I looked up DemandSupply2012 on YouTube and I totally agree – it’s very powerful and I was really intrigued to see where the film went. Do you know if it is just a short or is there more to come?


  2. Rach

    We are holding a film festival soon with our two youth groups and the neighbouring 7 youth groups. We are showing Amazing Grace first and Slumdog Millionnaire second

    1. Hey Rach,

      That is so great that you are going to be holding the film festival for your youth groups! If you are looking for ways to present information on human trafficking to groups of young people feel free to use any of the resources on our website Best of luck with the festival!

  3. Diane

    Human Trafficking starring Donald Sutherland and Mira Sorvino. Still Hollywood, but a lot less Hollywood than Taken!! I think it was released in 2005, and tells 3 consecutive (and linked) stories in three different locations around the world. Very powerful 2 part movie.

    A great documentary is Nefarious: Merchant of Souls (produced by Exodus Cry in USA).

    Already mentioned is Slumdog Millionaire. I think August Rush also has elements of forced begging if i remember correctly.

    1. Hey Diane. Human Trafficking with Donald Sutherland is on my list to watch for sure. I’ve never heard of Nefarious: Merchant of Souls but I just looked it up after reading your comment and it looks like a great one as well so thanks for telling us about it! – Elizabeth

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