Navajo granny and the Global Travel Alert!

As you can tell by the blog posts on the day, the Global Freedom Summit was fantastic!

You can check out all the videos and photos from the day on our website but here are two of my favourites moments from the Summit.

The ‘Navajo Granny’

Click on the cartoon to hear Steve’s speech and find out what an old Navajo woman who was running at a wedding in New Mexico, USA has to do with the Global Travel Alert!   


A window in a classroom with no walls

 During the Classroom Without Walls workshop, students participating in Hong Kong Skyped us and we were able to video chat and give them a brief window into the Summit!


At the Summit we launched the Global Travel Alert! and we’ve got some great resources so people aroudn the world can get involved and even host their own Summit! It was attention grabbing to have the resources in the toilets and on all the door knobs which is how we ant them to be used to raise awareness worldwide. Check out the resources on the website.


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