Global Freedom Summit ACT Workshop

I’ve just sneaked in the back of the UK ACT workshop. We wanted to use this opportunity to bring as many of our ACT groups together to talk about what’s worked, what hasn’t and discuss how we can continue building a network of anti-trafficking groups to rival those of the traffickers. And the progress that’s being made is incredible.

STOP THE TRAFFIK’s own Vic kicked things off with an update on the ACT movement. There’s now over 150 registered ACT groups around the world – from Korea to Australia, engaged in an amazing array of anti-trafficking work. From sex industry information-gathering in Australia to flash-mob awareness campaign in America, slowly but surely that network is expanding its reach and gathering momentum.

Nick from ACT London told us about how his group secured a meeting with the UK Parliamentary Group on Human Trafficking and has been actively engaging with police, health services and all levels of government to create a united London-wide anti-trafficking community in time for the 2012 Olympics. Bethan from Sheffield ACT told us about how their awareness-raising campaign was profiled on national TV, whilst Brenda from Liverpool spoke about how they’ve been working closely with local police and the council to ensure taxi drivers across the city are able to spot the signs that the woman in the back of their cab may be a victim of trafficking.

But that’s just the start: flash-mobbing in Norwich, victim befriending in Sheffield, magazine-publishing in Liverpool, schools work in Sussex… A lot of amazing people here doing some amazing, inspiring stuff.


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