A Classroom Spanning 5 Continents

I’ve just sat myself down in the ‘Global Classroom’ – which is a major departure from any classroom I’ve been in before.

There’s no monotonous drone of a bored teacher, no walls… and the air is buzzing with discussion. Not just naughty little gossiping on the back row, but amazing constructive conversations between experts, activists, students and those that just want to find out more. But it’s no ordinary conversation – it’s currently happening across 5 continents…. Which is just incredible.

So what’s it achieving? There’s a couple of school girls with a laptop sat next to me who’ve just read a case study about a girl not much older than themselves who had been trafficked. They asked a question about how they could’ve spotted her had she been trafficked into their community. Their question was answered by an anti-trafficking campaigner in America.

Just in front of me, Sandra – the lead UN representative – is speaking to a group of students in Hong Kong. They’re talking about how trafficking fits into the UN’s Millennium Development Goals framework, and how this will be taken forward after 2015.


2 thoughts on “A Classroom Spanning 5 Continents

  1. Joyce

    I thought the classroom was meant to be an open learning opportunity.

    How were we on the other side of the world actually meant to access the classroom, afterall, I certainly could not find and way of accessing this. I stayed out of bed specifically to be invovled!

    1. I wonder why we had participants from around the world, there may be a specific reason you were not able to get in as it is a secure environment to which access is available by prior arrangement.
      If you want to take part in the repeat let me know, leave a message here.

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