Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…

….so I can wish you all a very fond farewell.


Today is my last day with STOP THE TRAFFIK and therefore my last blog post (well, almost. I want to reply to a comment left the child abuse image post so this will come in the next few days).


It has been joyous working with such a beautiful and supportive team.

It has been inspiring to work with and learn from you, our activists both near and far.

It has been fun writing and managing the blog, listening to your thoughts and comments.

It has been wonderful to meet Katy and talk to her about her new role with STOP THE TRAFFIK (I think Bex is secretly happy there will be one cleaner desk in the office!).

I have written a lot of resources, learned more than I imagined, been challenged, been inspired, cried at my desk, sworn at the phone and introduced the team to German techno (which they secretly love despite what they say).

So, one and all, with sadness and a lot of excitement to see Travel Alert! launch on Monday, I say farewell.

Elvis and Victoria have left the building.

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