Can’t come to London? We’ll come to you!

Have you been reading about the Global Freedom Summit and thinking to yourself, “Gee! I really wish I could be part of the day but I can’t get to London!” Well look no further, we’ve got the perfect solution!  Whether you are a couple hundred miles away in Manchester, England or a couple thousand miles away in Manchester, Iowa, USA, you can join us on April 11th!


We have created an online ‘classroom without walls’ so groups of students and individuals around the world can discuss, ask questions, learn and feel empowered to take action against human trafficking.  


In this 45 minute classroom, we will use 2 case studies to explore trafficking, give you tips on spotting it, advice on staying safe and set you up with a new campaign to do in your local area. This is your chance to chat to trafficking experts around the world and ask the questions you’ve been meaning to ask.


We will be holding two sessions so people all over the world, in every time zone, can participate. One in the morning of April 11th either at 8 am, 9 am, or 10 am GMT and then again in the afternoon at  3:15 pm GMT. 


If you want to see how the classroom will work, check out this two-minute demo about bullying: 


**If you want to take part, please email to reserve a place!**



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