Exploiting loopholes to exploit children

We are all very busy here getting ready to launch the Global Travel Alert! at our Global Freedom Summit on April 11! Earlier this week, I read an article in the Evening Standard which reaffirmed the need for us to issue the Global Travel Alert! and to not only enable people to create communities hostile to human trafficking but hotel and transportation industries who are hostile to human trafficking as well.

The Evening Standard reported that traffickers are using Eurostar to capitalize on a loophole in border security on which allows children less than 14 years of age to enter the country without a passport; they only a letter from their guardian, a letter easily forged by traffickers. The same loophole poses a threat for air travel however, teams have been trained and are in place at Heathrow to help spot potential cases; no such measures are in place at St. Pancras Station in London where the Eurostar arrives. Read more…

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