GLOBAL News Round 12.3.2011


One man: It is rare that victims of trafficking are willing to come forward and help the police but one Indian man has. He became a victim of human trafficking by the hands of the company previously employed for and has stepped up to help the police in Kingston to fight forced labour. After finishing a contract with a company and returning to India, the source was told he would be given higher pay if he returned to work again. Upon his return to Jamaica, his passport was taken and he was forced to work, sometimes for months without pay. After some legal intervention, his passport was returned to him and he has now set-up his own shop in Kingston and is trying to help people who are in the same situation he was. Read more…


One woman: In a landmark case, a British woman was convicted of human trafficking. One woman, an interpreter, made all the difference in bringing a terrible case of domestic servitude to an end. During a visit to the GP, the interpreter grew concerned and contacted an NGO who then in turn contacted the police. The victim was brought to the U.K. from Tanzania after being made redundant. She was under the impression she was getting fair employment from her employer, the same who had employed her in Tanzania, but was then forced to sleep on the kitchen floor and given two pieces of bread a day for food. Her work duties included answering the ring of a bell at any hour and taking care of two grown-up disabled children of her trafficker. She was not given a day off in four years; not even to return home for her parents funerals or her daughter’s wedding. Read more…


One class: The International Dayton Peace Museum will being opening a two-room exhibit put together by one class of students from University of Dayton. In the fall term, a class of political science students learned about human trafficking and have spent the spring term doing their community engagement program. For the community engagement they have designed a two room museum exhibit to teach visitors about trafficking and they hope the exhibit will become a travelling exhibit so it can reach outside the local community.  Read more…



One law: In the three years since the passing of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007, 315 arrests have been made, 132 people have been charged, and 31 people have been convicted. During those same three years 1,949 victims were rescued and placed under interim Protection Order and 735 victims have been given Protection Order.   Read more…


One brand: The Body shop has taken up the fight against human trafficking, one customer at a time. When I was in the shop on Oxford Street, the clerk eagerly explained the campaign to all the customers and asked them to sign the petition. Read more…

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