The Nestlé slogan hunt is on!

Our Valentine’s Day campaign asking Nestle to ‘Have a Heart’ was a great success thanks to your help!

Now, Mr. Cocoa Bean is hunting for a short campaign slogan to demand Nestlé hops on board this Easter to give us traffik-free chocolate!

The winning slogan will be revealed on Mr. Cocoa Bean’s placard when we launch our Nestlé Easter Campaign in a couple of weeks!

We want you to put on your thinking cap (or bunny ears if you’d like!) and spring into action to hatch your best short slogans and bounce them our way!

(Remember, the slogan has to fit on Mr. Cocoa Bean’s placard!)

 You can leave your slogan ideas here as a comment or on Facebook , Twitter e-mail:

6 thoughts on “The Nestlé slogan hunt is on!

  1. Cynthia Noble

    My slogan would be:

    “Hop Hop Hop! It is to the fair trade co-operative I go! No more children making me,” says the Easter Bunny.
    “Children only allowed to eat me!”

  2. Anon

    I’m not been funny but there’s no more nice Easter bunny!

    Hot, cross bunny says give us traffik-free chocolate!

    Traffik-free chocolate or the bunny gets it!

    Spring us some traffik-free chocolate!

    Exploitation limitation!

    Don’t bury your head Nestlé.

    You stop, I shop!

    Don’t make me beg for that egg!

    You’re begging for an egging!

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