GLOBAL newsround 11.03.2011

The Philippines

An exciting announcement came today from Manilla. Beginning March 15th, a 24/7 hotline for victims of human trafficking will be running in the Philippines! By dialing 1343 victims will reach the Actionline in Manilla and receive the help they need. Read more…


Some of the news I read when preparing the blog for today made me very angry; and not in a good way. Daily Mail published an article highlighting the BBC3 documentary about young women in England who chose to remain unemployed and draw benefits, which on the whole isn’t related to human trafficking except the star of the article, Sorche Williams, said that getting a job is “like being a slave, you might as well be a slave. I just can’t be bothered.” I really just want to shake her and ask her if she has any idea what being a slave is really like but that wouldn’t be very nice. Instead, I will settle for recommending that she watches EastEnders. In less enraging news, a new storyline for the popular UK TV show sees a character being sexually exploited by her boyfriend. The storyline is based on the real life story of a young British woman. Both of these articles reminding of how important it is that we educate our communities about what trafficking really is, and that it is not something that only takes place somewhere else. Read more about Sorche… Read more about EastEnders…

Four women in London are suing the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson, alleging a failure to help them when they made complaints to authorities which started in 1997. The women were trafficked when they were young into domestic servitude. I get the feeling these four women would be unsympathetic to Sorche Williams plight. Read more…


A fund was established by the UN which will help victims of human trafficking, like the four mentioned above, to heal after they have been rescued. The monies will not be funding campaigns but they will be used for “effective remedies” such as staff training and therapy classes. Read more…


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