E-learning tools launched on International Woman’s day

On International Women’s Day a joint e-learning initiative between Metropolitan Housing Partnership (MHP) and STOP THE TRAFFIK was launched to educate and raise awareness of human trafficking among authorities, communities, and the public.

These e-learning modules explain what human trafficking is, the signs of trafficking people should look out for, and what people can do if they suspect trafficking is happening in their community.

Barbara Roche, Chair of Metropolitan Housing Partnership, said “Trafficking ruins lives. We know, for example that there are many instances that involve the exploitation of children.  If you know what trafficking is, what it looks like, and who to tell, you could play a key part in securing someone’s freedom.” Barbara continued: “We will be providing this online training to our staff, and are looking at ways to make it available to our residents too. We at MHP are proud to be working with STOP THE TRAFFIK to raise awareness and improve the lives of the victims of human trafficking.”

To register go to www.traffickingaware.org

A second module has been especially designed for teachers who may come into trafficked children or those at risk on a day-to-day basis but not realise it. This module has been written in collaboration with Off the Record (a fantastic NGO working with unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees) and the Croydon Community against Trafficking. It is in the final phase of development and will be available to schools and teachers with an accompanying work book. If you are interested in this specialist resource, please email victoria.kuhr@stopthetraffik.org


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