‘Have a Heart Nestlé’ Twitter Awards

In the run up to Valentine’s day, people from all over the world used love poems and Valentine’s messages on Twitter to tell Nestlé to ‘Have A Heart’ and put an end to trafficked labour in their supply chains.

We thought we’d give some public recognition to the literary genius of STOP THE TRAFFIK supporters by sharing just a few of our favourites with you:


Grand Prize for ‘Our Favourite In The Office’: @achildadvocateHave a Heart Nestle

A company that profits from children in strife

should not have the slogan ‘Good Food, Good Life’.


Prize for ‘Most Dubious Rhyme’: @sam_tyndall

Love is so sweet

And your chocolate so flavour(y)

But I cannot eat something

Linked to child slavery.


Prize for ‘Best Shakespearean Verse’: @reevepeter

If chocolate be the food of love, make it trafficked slavery free.


Prize for ‘Self-Deprecation’: @hannahpho

Roses are red

I’m not very good at rhyming

So I’ll stop sending rubbish odes

If you stop exploiting slaves


Prize for ‘Colourful Language’: @bolli_bolshevik

Cocoa is brown

Money is green

Using slaves to make it

Is *#!*?@¬! obscene.


Prize for ‘Best Breakup Cliché’: @benalexatkins

Nestlé, it’s not me it’s you.


Frankly, you were all brilliant and thank you to everyone who bombarded Nestlé with Tweets. But there’s one last ‘Have a Heart’ ditty that needs to be featured here:

“Tell your children that they have bought something

that I suffered to make.

When they are eating chocolate

they are eating my flesh.”


This one wasn’t on Twitter. They are the words spoken by a boy called Victor who was trafficked from Mali. He was subjected to forced labour on a cocoa plantation in the Ivory Coast.

Thank you to everyone who spoke up for the tens of thousands of children trapped in forced labour in the West African cocoa industry. You said to Nestlé what they can’t.

We’re not just telling our children, we’re telling our friends, family and above all the chocolate manufacturers. Email info@stopthetraffik.org and we’ll send you some postcards to post to Nestlé and demand change. Don’t underestimate what you can do to help children like Victor and change the chocolate industry for good.

By Simon Butcher


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