Press Statement – UK sex traffickers sentenced

Steve Chalke
STOP THE TRAFFIK founder Steve Chalke

Steve Chalke – founder of STOP THE TRAFFIK  and UN.GIFT Special Advisor on Community Action against People Trafficking – reacts to the sentencing of father and son traffickers. Read the news report here
“The trafficking of people is a horrific crime.  The level of violence inflicted on every victimised woman involved in this case, the fear and terror that each one has suffered, must never fade behind published statistics and the reporting of facts.  
Today we must congratulate the police’s dedication and commitment in fighting this crime and congratulate the courts for recognizing the severity of what has been perpetrated by handing  down the longest ever sentence  for a crime of this nature   It is  always essential that the sentence fits the crime and this is a real manifestation of justice.

Alongside the role of the police and prosecutors, we must always recognize the vital role the community at large plays in stopping people trafficking. In this case, the human trade of the two traffickers could not be kept completely hidden. Their suspicious actions were reported. We need to equip people with an ability to recognise the signs of trafficking and empower them to take action to stop it.
STOP THE TRAFFIK’s new, pioneering campaign Active Communities against Trafficking, (ACT) seeks to create a network of global communities hostile to trafficking; making it harder for traffickers to recruit, hide and keep their victims a secret.
The United Nations recognizes the increasing ability of traffickers to operate globally in order to maximize their profits. Local community action in fighting this crime needs to build a more creative, highly informed, preventive global network in order to disrupt trafficking routes by making it increasingly difficult for traffickers to trade.”


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