STOP THE TRAFFIK walking like Egyptians!

STOP THE TRAFFIK have just returned from a trip to Egypt.

We were invited to take part in a conference in Luxor called End Trafficking Now. The conference lasted 3 days and included:

– a live debate in Luxor temple recorded for BBC World Service (which was incidentally frustrating and left me grinding my teeth)
– a business award for commitments to anti-trafficking work
– talks by princesses (seriously), Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher

– debates hosted by CNN’s Jim ClancySTT freedom wall
– a film release

– a STOP THE TRAFFIK Freedom Wall!
– a lot of baklava

In true STOP THE TRAFFIK style, we were there to run a day with 130 young people. The first session was with a fabulous group of about 20 students from the International School in Genève.

They had to find creative ways to teach each other about different types of trafficking; the winning piece was a play on the controversial issue of trafficking for forced marriage. The presenter of Egypt TV saw it and asked some of those involved to go LIVE on TV to 5 million people! You can watch the interview here (it is in Arabic)

It was such a great experience and after our session we were all buzzing with ideas and plans to make Genève traffik aware!





The second session was a 5 hour seminar for 50 students from the Susan Mubarak women’s movement for peace (find out more here) and 50 international students. We met a lot of fantastic people, saw a lot of passion and now have plans to literally dominate the world (in a positive anti-trafficking way).

Here are some more picture of our working holiday trip enjoy!





One thought on “STOP THE TRAFFIK walking like Egyptians!

  1. Human Trafficking – Greatest Socioeconomic and a Multicultural Threat to Human Race!

    Defeating human trafficking is a great moral calling of the day. Together with Global allies and friends, we can strengthen the efforts to bring this cruel practice to an end. Start a new abolitionist movement and let people know around you that there is a solution. Together we can make a difference, and together we can build a safer, freer, and more prosperous world for all.

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