Sex in the city – red light freedom run finish line

The finish line
The finish line
Red light freedom run statistics 
140 miles
1.1 million steps
5.5 days
3,500 calories a day
5 hours sleep a night
5 pairs of trainers between 2 men
1.5 stone lost during training (and that was just Duncan)
The pennies and pounds are still to be counted and we’ll let you know the total raised next week.  There is still time to donate to give vulnerable girls an education – their freedom ticket for life click here.
And two final quotes
Mark Rowland, marathon-extraordinaire: ‘Trafficking is a big problem.  But running long distances teaches you how you deal with big challenges. It’s just about taking the next step and believing you will get there.  As you do that, it’s amazing how far you can get.   In our case it was 140miles – 1.1million steps – from Amsterdam to London. I can’t think of a more important reason for running to say something simple; people should not be bought and sold and we must not stop until that is a reality.
Ben Wilkes, who ran the last 5K and works for Children on the Edge educating girls who are vulnerable to being trafficked and is receiving some of the funds raised; ‘I’ve stood on the Thai-Burma border where girls escaping the brutal military regime in Burma are trafficked into the sex industry. On my last visit, I met a girl who was trafficked into the sex industry, abused, beaten and left for dead after contracting HIV and becoming pregnant.  We are now helping her rebuild her life and receive an education. Money raised today will help more girls in situations just like this.


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