Traffik-free Christmas

 The whiff of Christmas is certainly hovering in the air: the faint scent of nostalgia, the aroma of kindliness and generosity… and the stench of every company in the land insisting that you spend your hard-earned money on their wares.      

Fortunately, STOP THE TRAFFIK is here to provide some retail assistance, with some beautiful gift ideas which come with a slavery-and-exploitation-free guarantee. 

Fairtrade. It’s always struck me that it would be more logical to label the unfair products, not the fair ones. In the meantime, whenever you buy any Fairtrade-marked product, not only do you get a new thing to play with/eat/wash with/wear, you also send a powerful message to CEOs and Directors across the world.

You tell them, simply, that the way they treat people is important. You tell them in the one language that you can guarantee they’ll all understand – the language of sales. As demand continues to grow, and that message gets louder and clearer, the number of businesses selling Fairtrade and ethically-produced products will continue to increase. Most importantly, the number of women, men and children working in slavery to make your Christmas presents will finally start to decrease.

Some businesses, though, are really going the extra mile.  

Freeset is an incredible venture – it’s not only in the business of creating beautiful, hand-made, customizable bags, but it’s also in the business of freedom. Located in Sonagacci, the largest sex district in Kolkata, India, their bags are made by women who have been rescued from working against their will in the Indian sex industry. Freeset has not only transformed the lives of countless vulnerable women, but is also helping transform an entire community. Have a look at their fantastic website for a Christmas gift with a truly remarkable story behind it. Freeset make our lovely STOP THE TRAFFIK bags, and they’re generously offering a 20% discount on them between now and Christmas – just enter the code STT10GS at the checkout.

Another business which is very much giving to the world rather than taking from it is Heaven’s Attic – with jewellery, accessories, purses and countless other treasures and trinkets. But not only is Heaven’s Attic raising eyebrows with gorgeous products, it’s also raising funds and awareness for the anti-trafficking movement.12% of their online sales go to charities tackling human trafficking, including STOP THE TRAFFIK., meaning that every purchase really does make a difference. Enter the code STT07 at the online checkout to donate part of your payment to STOP THE TRAFFIK.

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