Redlight Run: 1 marathon down, 4 to go

And they are off
come snow or ice the red light run has begun

Amsterdam, 10am, -5c and Phil Lane, Duncan Parker and Mark Rowland begin the first of 5 marathons, which they’ll run over 6 days.

The ‘Red Light Run’ started today from the red light district in Amsterdam and will end on Wednesday 8th December at the red light district in London, covering 130 miles – 5 marathons.

The team have already been faced with a formidable challenge to even make it to the start line, as northern Europe continues to be blasted with snow and ice.

But for Duncan, Phil and Mark, it’s not about waiting for the storm to pass… it’s about weathering it and running regardless.

So when Gatwick airport closed due to the weather conditions, that meant re-booking flights to Amsterdam in order to fly from Luton instead.

And for Duncan, who lives in Surrey, just getting to Luton airport has been an adventure. With the Police advising people to stay at home and avoid the treacherous roads whenever possible, Duncan had to use a friend’s car which came complete with snow chains.

Having arrived in Amsterdam in one piece, Duncan has made the final amendments to his kit to ensure he survives the small matter of 5 marathons. These have included trail shoes for running in the snow, as well as a ‘skin’ Spiderman stylie bodysuit to reduce muscle fatigue and keep him warm.

Follow every step of the way on Twitter, and receive updates on Mark, Duncan & Phil’s battle with exhaustion, blisters, and the elements.

Join in

1). Retweet, using #redlightrun

2). Take the chill out of their toes and sponsor them today click here

3). Organise your own freedom run.  It doesn’t have to be 5 marathons or even 5 miles. Go to to sign up.

All the funds raised will go to the four Freedom Ticket For Life global projects, which give girls vulnerable to trafficking an education – their freedom ticket for life.

One thought on “Redlight Run: 1 marathon down, 4 to go

  1. Keep going guys, you are amazing ! Weather is against you and it is tough but it shows your passion even stronger as you fight against this injustice, so many are following you and encouraging you on !

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