Red Light Freedom Run

Someone wise once said that if you want to win something, run 100 metres, but if you want to experience something, to really achieve something, run a marathon…

Every minute of every day, vulnerable women and girls are trafficked into the sex industry across the world – unseen, unheard, unnoticed.

For one group of anti-trafficking activists, sitting up and taking notice isn’t enough. So instead, they’ll be standing up and running… for 6 days…

The ‘Red Light Run’ from the red light district in Amsterdam to the red light district in London, will take place between the 3rd-8th December and cover over 120 miles – the equivalent of nearly 5 marathons.

Anti-trafficking campaigners Duncan Parker and Mark Rowland will be accompanied by Phil Lane, who will be cycling the due to injury. All three of them know that the money raised can make a huge difference to vulnerable girls. Their run is part of STOP THE TRAFFIK’s ‘Freedom Ticket For Life’ initiative, which supports projects across the world providing girls with an education. Phil has recently returned from the Thai/Burma border where he has seen at first-hand the crucial impact that having an education can have:

“When we visited a shelter for rescued trafficking victims, we asked them what ‘freedom’ meant to them. One small girl replied that it was someone rescuing you from your situation and giving you an education – that was freedom!”

“I know that Freedom Ticket For Life makes a difference in the fight to stop trafficking.” Read more about the project here.

Phil, Mark and Duncan will be joined by supporters for short distances along the way, but anyone can get involved by sponsoring them online at

They’re also hoping to inspire people to go the extra mile in support of the Freedom Ticket For Life initiative by holding their own sponsored run or walk. Whether it’s 1 mile, 5 miles or 5 marathons – it’s your chance to experience something, achieve something, and be part of something which will change lives.

To read more about the Freedom Ticket For Life initiative and how you can get involved, visit

2 thoughts on “Red Light Freedom Run

  1. Anita Parker

    Duncan is my husband and whilst I think he has completely lost the plot, I’ve never known anyone go through so much pain. He is so passionate about this cause and therefore both myself and the kids (Daisi and Max) are SOOOOOOOOOO proud of him.

    GO GO GO DUNC!!!

    (I may even forgive him for missing my birthday for it ;-))

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