Finance Against Trafficking – Press Release

London leads the way in the financial fight against human trafficking

Tuesday 30th November sees the launch of Finance Against Trafficking at City Hall’s London Living Room. Steve Chalke MBE, UN Special Advisor and STOP THE TRAFFIK founder; Sandra Kozeschnik, UN Civil Society Partnerships; Kit Malthouse AM, London Assembly Deputy Mayor for Policing; and Mary Macleod MP will address participants from businesses, financial institutions, enforcement agencies, government and international bodies on the role that all can play in dealing with human trafficking.

Human trafficking is the recruitment of people by deception or coercion for exploitation. The International Labour Organisation estimates that the global profits from human trafficking amount to US$31.6 billion annually. In a pioneering cross-sector project that aims to make human trafficking worthless, Finance Against Trafficking will work with key individuals and diverse organisations to develop practical tools to address the economic fight against human trafficking. This will prevent human traffickers from benefiting through the financial system, and promote best practices for the stakeholders involved.

Some of the tools that will be explored on the day include a typology of red flag indicators to assist in identifying and disrupting proceeds of human trafficking, and an international corporate disclosure tool to assist in identifying and preventing risks to businesses’ reputations and supply chains.

“Human trafficking is a trade – it is also a crime.  The business sector, and its stakeholders, is in a position to affect both. Awareness raising is just the start.  Changes in funding and investment principles, organizational culture and behaviour, and in strategic and operational decisions, must occur.  Can organisations afford to ignore this crime any longer?” Sara Dixon, co-chair, Finance Against Trafficking

“I am delighted to see such a range of delegates coming to this conference.  When enforcement, regulatory, banking, investor relations and businesses from a multitude of sectors come together with a view to tackling this issue, it is one more step forward in minimizing the impact of this crime.” Ruth Dearnley, Chief Executive, STOP THE TRAFFIK

For more details please contact Simon Chorley on 020 7921 4251, 07976 908359 or

The following will be available after the event for interview:

  1. Sandra Kozeschnik, UN Civil Society Partnerships
  2. Ruth Dearnley, STOP THE TRAFFIK Chief Executive
  3. Sara Dixon and Jason Nunn, Finance Against Trafficking co-chairs

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