It’s time to raise the bar Nestlé!

Dearest loveliest blog readers!

I write with exciting news…… well exciting for us, annoying for Nestlé

As I am sure you’re aware, over the last few years we have been working together to pressurize the chocolate industry into  making ethical and traffik free choices. The industry has responded and we now have more traffik free chocolate than ever before BUT…..

Abuse and exploitation continue…. Nestlé’s (pitiful) traffik free chocolate is only available in ONE BAR  (a meagre 1.1% of their entire chocolate range).

Is that good enough? NO!
Does Nestlé make a vast amount of money? YES!
Does this mean they should take responsibility and stop using trafficked child labour? ABSOLUTELY!

So dearly beloved, we are stepping up the Nestlé campaign. Send a postcard or letter to Nestlé (or if you are in America to Hershey).

What to do…….

1. Email to order Nestlé postcards

2. Click HERE to download a Nestlé letter

3. Australia: To join 36000 others who have sent postcards, email

4. America: click here to JOIN THE Hershey campaign in America


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