Global News

South East Asia:

A series of successful arrests has hopefully brought to an end a human trafficking operation that spanned Thailand and Laos. A police raid on a bar led to the discovery of 12 Laotian girls being held in a Holiday Inn hotel in Muang Lop Buri. This raises the question yet again of whether global hotel chains are doing enough to ensure that they aren’t acting as unwitting accomplices to the sex trafficking trade. Read our blog post about what the Hilton is (or rather, isn’t) doing, here.

New Zealand:

New Zealand is known universally for being home to a number of unique species; the Kiwi bird and the lizard-like Tuatara spring to mind. But it’s remarkable biodiversity is blessed with another rarity: the proactive politician. Although incidences of people being trafficking from, through or into New Zealand are thought to be relatively few, the Department of Labour has taken the hugely welcome step of launching a public awareness campaign which seeks to ensure that any signs of trafficking are recognized.


“…some were subject to the most extreme sexual and physical violence”. A prosecutor at Manchester Crown Court describes the plight of Romanian women who were lured to Manchester with the promise of houses and jobs, only to be horrifically sexually exploited. Somehow, the fact that this operation was a ‘family business’, headed by a father and son team, makes it all the more chilling. 


“It’s a rare and very uncommon charge” – the words of a lawyer defending a Canadian man from the small town of Kitchener, who faces the charge of human trafficking. However unusual it may be in provincial Canada, this surely highlights the fact that nowhere should consider itself immune from the world’s fastest growing organized crime.


Sarah Jessica Parker of Sex and the City fame makes her first appearance on the STOP THE TRAFFIK blog. Is it too much to ask for the upcoming Sex and the City 3 film to provide a potent, compelling narrative addressing the horrors of modern-day slavery in New York in a sensitive yet rousing manner? Well, yes, far too much to ask. But SJP has lent her support to an initiative launched by the Brooklyn District Attorney to re-double their efforts to detect and combat sex trafficking. Joined by actress Gabourey Sidebe, the pair took to the airwaves to shed some light on the issue.


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