The Hilton: luxury, relaxation & trafficking

Recently, a Hilton hotel in southwest China lost it’s 5-star rating. Why’s that then, I hear you all asking?

The jacuzzi, maybe? – heated to 31.5º instead of 31º?

Possibly the beef dish in the restaurant was a little too pink?

I know: it was the Margaritas in the rooftop bar, wasn’t it? – a touch too sour?

Hmm, well it must be the upholstery on the armchairs then, surely? – no doubt it was slightly faded?

All very reasonable guesses, yes, but all wide of the mark. It’s demotion was in fact due to the discovery of an underground brothel operating at the hotel, suspected to have contained children and trafficking victims. This was by no means a one-off. A similar brothel has been uncovered running out of a Hilton in Ireland.

So, one would expect that Hilton would be rather eager to sign up for the global Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism. Alas, Hilton seems determined to continue it’s policy of blind-eye-turning; a policy which appears to be adhered to from the top of the company down to the hotel staff.

This policy needs to change. Hilton need to be under no illusions that they must act now to combat human trafficking. 

What can you do to make this happen? Add your name to the hundreds of thousands who have already signed this online petition to make it clear to Hilton that a zero-tolerance stance across their hotel network. The petition demands that Hilton implement and enforce the Code immediately, whilst taking steps to ensure that their staff are adequately trained to detect and report trafficking victims.

Let’s make sure that in the future we’re complaining about the sourness of their Margaritas and not Hilton’s failure to acknowledge the sex trafficking trade operating behind their doors.


3 thoughts on “The Hilton: luxury, relaxation & trafficking

  1. julie tanner

    FYI – In a bit of good news, see Nov. 1 article from USA Today: “Hilton addresses child sex trafficking after China hotel scandal.” The company says it will adopt an internal code of conduct to prevent child sex trafficking in hotels…

    By Barbara De Lollis, USA TODAY
    Nov. 1, 2010

    Hilton says it will adopt an internal code of conduct designed to prevent child sex trafficking in hotels, four months after Chinese police discovered a brothel operating inside an independently run karaoke bar in one of its hotels…

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  3. Well done to the people who discovered this dispicable trade that was happening!!! l am so proud of you!!!You made a stand and as a result,several lives have been saved and their future is now looking brighter. Hilton,you need to make a public stand also,offering them all the help they need. The code is fine,but you need to go futher. Dianne

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