Book Release: Radhika’s Story

A new book gives a fascinating account into the shocking realities of human trafficking and a truly inspirational story of an incredibly brave woman.

A seemingly innocent sip of Coca-Cola, drunk by a starving and desperately thirsty 16-year-old girl led to the first of Radhika Phuyal’s trafficking experiences. Drugged, Radhika woke up hours later, in great pain, only to discover that her kidney had been removed and sold to the highest bidder. She was married by force but tried to make the best of her situation. She had a much-loved son, but Rohan’s birth signified the next harrowing episode in Radhika’s life – she was trafficked again.

Living in India, separated from her son and forced to have sex with up to 25 men a day, Radhika was desperate to be reunited with her child and fought against all odds. She found the strength to escape her horrific life and rescue her son and finally find sanctuary in a refuge set up to help survivors of trafficking.

Showing incredible bravery, she fought on, eventually seeing justice served 4 months ago, when her traffickers were jailed. Journalist Sharon Hendry tells Radhika’s horrifying but incredibly inspiring story- to be released on 1st Novermber, 2010. She also highlights the pervasive nature of human trafficking in the 21st century.

The book is also forwarded by Joanna Lumley, who is Goodwill Ambassador of the Maiti Nepal, the refuge Radhika and Rohan now call home. 


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