Global News

Benin– 87 traffickers have been prosecuted and jailed the National Agency for the Prohibition for Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP) while it has also rehabilitated more than 4,000 victims since establishing in 2003. There are many Nigerian women forced in the sex industry in Europe (around 10,000 in Italy alone). A project has been commissioned for a Skills Acquisition Centre funded by Italy, Netherlands and Norway.

Zimbabwe– Women comprise at least 56% of the world’s human trafficking victims. Victims are men, women and children. Lured with promises of better jobs or education, they often end up in prostitution or forced labour. But such is the ‘feminisation’ of poverty and migration, which makes women from poorer and developing countries particularly vulnerable. Read what can still be done in Zimbabwe to fight trafficking.

Northern Ireland must become a “hostile place” for traffickers, with a new condemning motion as the North has become a “staging post” for traffickers. This follows a police crackdown earlier this month of a suspected Scottish-based gang allegedly running brothels in Belfast and other areas, with the potential to be worth more than £20,000 (€23,600) per day. Asset recovery is said to be an important means by which perpetrators can be punished.

Kuala Lumpur– the Australian government is applying to extradite an Iraqi businessman wanted for alleged human trafficking. It is believed he arranged to bring approximately 763 individuals to Australia. He was arrested while holding three international passports. The extradition application was objected on the grounds of the businessman disputing the identity of the person named in the arrest warrant.

the recruitment of Thai citizens to pick wild berries in Finland is said to resemble human trafficking. Pickers may have been encouraged to come to Finland by giving false information about conditions there. They might not have the possibilities to disengage from the situation, as their debt is often unreasonable compared to the money earned. In Finish legislation, money earned from picking wild berries and mushrooms is not taxed, and foreigners do not require work permits.

Canada– In Winnipeg, an older woman befriended a 21-year-old woman and allegedly forced her into the sex trade. The victim was not bought into to Winnipeg, but allegedly preyed on her once she was there. Since human trafficking became a separate offence in Canada, five people have been convicted; all cases involve Canadian victims, mostly under 18, forced into the sex trade within Canada.

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