Love Running, UK

There was a “Bristol 10K” run that took place on Sunday May 9th, 2010. Remarkably, over 10,000 people ran that day, 500 of who formed a special team called “Love Running”.

Love Running ( was set up by the Woodland’s Church in Bristol. Their major aim was quite literally seeing love running through their communities and into situations of exploitation and suffering. That is why they teamed up with STOP THE TRAFFIK to take a stand against the trafficking of people and help raise money for our FREEDOM TICKET FOR LIFE campaign.

FREEDOM TICKET FOR LIFE backs projects in trafficking hot spots around the world that give vulnerable girls an education. The longer a girl is in education, the less vulnerable she is to being trafficked. Education and training means choice; choice means freedom!

An incredible £47,607 was raised through Love Running! This will go towards helping girls like Cho.

Seven year-old Cho lived in a small village in Burma. One day, her parents were tricked into letting her leave with a man who promised her a great opportunity to earn money. Cho soon found herself in Mae Sot, locked in a room. Thankfully police raided the house where Cho was help captive and she is now getting help at a children’s Crisis Centre, supported by Freedom Ticket For Life.

What makes ‘Love Running’ so special is that it is not just a result of outrage at stories such as Cho’s – it is a result of a community acting upon that outrage and doing something about it. If you’d like to get involved in your community, why not support FREEDOM TICKET FOR LIFE. Raise money by RUNNING, WALKING, CRAWLING, HOBBLING or racing on WHEELS to give a girl an education – her life long ticket to freedom! See how here:

You can listen to the presentation where Woodland’s gave STOP THE TRAFFIK the cheque here: and see more here:


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