Global News 17/09/2010

PHILIPPINES-268 human trafficking victims, some of them minors, have been rescued from from 10 bars and night clubs in Pampanga. The Philippines is in danger of losing about $250-million in aid from the US if it does not improve prosecution of trafficking cases. Since 2003, only 23 cases led to convictions.

ENGLAND An Indian man arrested on suspicion of trafficking offences in the East Midlands is to be deported after raids on two Hotels. The UK Border Agency raided the hotels believing two vulnerable immigrants were being forced to work in harsh conditions against their will.

HELSINKI – Finnish police have uncovered a trafficking ring that brought more than 100 people into the country, many through the Baltic States. They had mostly come from Iraq and Afghanistan between 2008-2009. Victims were smuggled into Finland through Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. The crime ring may be based in Moscow.

NEPAL– Women tricked into trafficking have been reluctant to come forward as majority of the accused easily get away with impunity. There has been a huge increase in migrant female workers (in menial work and the sex trade), who return home or go missing after undergoing immense torture. Leniency on the part of authorities gives confidence to offenders to continue exploiting victims.

JAMAICA– 13 people have been held in a major human trafficking ring in Jamaica after a night club and house were raided. Those in custody are nationals of Panama, the Dominican Republic, Guyana and Italy. Apartments in upscale communities were rented to accommodate girls believed trafficked.

BEIGING– Vietnam and China have signed a co-operation agreement on prevention and control of human trafficking. This is hoped to strengthen border control and enhance peace, friendship and development in the area. Things look to be moving ahead for china which has also had its first conviction for human organ trafficking.


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