Global Newsround 10/09/2010

Honolulu – a company victimized nearly 900 Thai workers, more than double the 400 cited in a grand jury indictment that alleges forced labour at farms in Hawaii and on the mainland. The CEO of the company that provided the workers has had bail set at $1million.

Belfast a crime gang controlled by a Scottish university graduate spent more than £50,000 seeking clients for young women trafficked illegally into Northern Ireland.  Raids on 13 suspected brothels are believed only the tip of the iceberg and only part of the solution. There is a need to look at what happens to vulnerable people, and how they are supported and treated by the authorities.

U.S.  – A man in Kansas had a “sex slavery contract” with a runaway teenage girl, which turned into a business. From his home, he charged other men hundreds of dollars to watch him torture the woman through a Website, and even participate in person. There are allegations of genital mutilation, suffocation, electrocutions, and being cuffed in a dog cage.

Malaysia– Changes to Malaysia’s anti-trafficking law will harm victims by making it more likely that they will be treated as undocumented migrants subject to immediate deportation. The revised law also narrows the legal definition, undercutting protections for those tricked not forced into trafficking.


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