“Britain’s Secret Slaves” Dispatches Monday 30th August

Whatever you do this coming Bank Holiday Monday, be sure to watch the Dispatches programme on Channel 4 at 7:30pm called “Britain’s Secret Slaves”.

The documentary will be investigating the plight of overseas domestic workers in Britain who are kept locked up by their employers and subjected to sexual, physical and psychological exploitation and abuse.


2 thoughts on ““Britain’s Secret Slaves” Dispatches Monday 30th August

  1. JCC

    An excellent documentary, highly recommended. I was shocked to see the way that people living in the UK feel they can treat people who are cleaning their homes. Especially the shocking revelation that Diplomats can treat their cleaners as slaves and torture them without any legal consequences. The UK government MUST change this loop hole in Diplomatic Immunity laws. Tolerating torture is just as bad as committing it.

  2. Thanks for your comment! You make an important point about diplomatic immunity. For those who aren’t aware, under the 1961 Vienna Convention, foreign officials are protected from prosecution in their host country – effectively putting them above the law. Unless their home country agrees to waive their immunity, there is not much the British government can do even if they commit crimes as heinus as trafficking for forced labour. It is certainly time to renegotiate the terms of diplomatic immunity.

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