News Summaries 20/08/2010

Iraq – US Embassy advisors conducted a human trafficking seminar for female Iraqi Police officers, to equip students with the tools to deal with victims who rarely come to the forefront with information.

UK– A new police report reveals at least 2,600 women have been trafficked into England and Wales and forced to work as prostitutes. Another 9,200 sex workers are considered “vulnerable migrants.” Findings are thought to be incomplete and miss out brothels advertised in other languages for example.

Scotland –A play about the iniquities of human trafficking, based on a true story from Glasgow, documents stories of those innocently recruited (often by other women), who are betrayed, raped, and imprisoned.

Canada – World Vision is calling on government to crack down on child traffickers who might be on board the Sri Lankan Tamil boat that landed in British Columbia. Children on board could be smuggled to the U.S., and may then be forced into bonded labour or sexual exploitation if not protected.

US– Immigrants from Southeast Asia are brought illegally to Ohio for a price, given false identities, and forced to work as “indentured servants” in nail bars  to pay off debts. Ohio is considered one of the “Dirty Dozen” states because of failure to address trafficking.

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