Global News 12/08/2010

India– Operating across the country and neighbouring Nepal, a gang lured over 200 girls and boys and sold them in West Asian countries and Saudi Arabia. Officials were suspicious on detecting the age on passports slightly scratched.

US– Online classified advertising site Craiglist has been described as “the Wal-Mart of online sex trafficking” of underage girls. Two young women said they were repeatedly sold through the site to men who “paid to rape” them.

Montenegro– 16 people have been charged for trafficking women from Kosovo and Serbia for forced prostitution. Suspects were arrested in February as part of a police operation targeting night clubs.

UK– A jailed couple have to hand over almost half a million pounds made from trafficking poor Mauritian workers and forcing them to work in care homes working up to 90 hours a week.

Spain– Police arrested 11 people from former Soviet republics who organized a network for trafficking women for sexual exploitation from Russia to Spain. The organization was headed by a Ukrainian woman.

Italy– A polish actor and owner of an advertising agency is being charged with being a middleman for Italian mafia which forced young women into prostitution.

Mexico– Drug cartels are amassing bigger fortunes than ever, transforming into broad criminal empires, grafting human trafficking onto their drug-smuggling routes, and padding income with kidnapping, extortion and the movement of a wide range of contraband, including fake luxury products, exotic animals, and pirated DVDs.


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