As part of a Freedom Festival on 17 July 2010, organizers in Worthing held a back garden party, where they laid on some live music, invited friends and neighbours, sold drinks and cakes to raise money, and used STOP THE TRAFFIK materials to raise awareness in their community!

34 adults and 9 children attended the festival which raised just over £100! According to the organizers, the weather was beautiful before the gusty wind got the better of one of the gazebos! They hope to “keep raising awareness of this issue and make it increasingly difficult for traffickers to work in the UK.”

We think this is such a great example of what the campaign is all about and urge you all to have your own FESTIVAL OF FREEDOM soon!

See the fantastic pictures below!

And please visit http://www.stopthetraffik.org/takeaction/festival/

One thought on “FESTIVAL OF FREEDOM Success!

  1. Worthing is a midium sized, seaside town on the South Coast. Like most seaside towns it is a nice place to retire. Many people think that trafficking wouldn’t affect such a place but quite by coincidence, check this out


    News this week that a couple had trafficked people to work in care homes.

    Your Worthing Festival of Freedom is helping shed light on the fact trafficking happens in the most unlikely of places. good job!

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