Global News 06/08/2010

Good News

Malaysia Victims of human trafficking in Malaysia are now going to be treated as such instead of taken to immigration detention at the airport where they are sometimes kept for many months.

NigeriaA Nigerian teenager stopped alleged traffickers from transporting her and 5 other girls to work as prostitutes by shouting to alert authorities. Trafficking of young women from Nigeria to Europe via Niger and Libya for prostitution is commonplace. Girls are usually lured with promise of lucrative jobs, only to be forced into prostitution once in Europe.

ChinaPolice rescued 22 women and children abducted by a human-trafficking ring that had operated for two decades. Human trafficking is a serious problem in China, with a thriving black market in girls and women sold as brides.

Bad news

TajikistanA court in Tajikistan has ruled that a political leader and another man are not guilty of human trafficking. The men paid $500 to the mother of a 16-year-old girl who they allegedly planned to sell to someone in Russia. It was claimed she was a relative they were trying to arrange a marriage for – the money supposedly marriage “dowry” paid to any Muslim girl.

South Africa In South Africa’s first conviction for human trafficking for sexual exploitation, the case has been postponed. A man and his Thai wife were convicted in April and argued the interpreter used during the trial was not competent.


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