Global News 23/7/2010


19 human traffickers have been caught and 625 victims reintegrated into communities across Ghana. The survivors have also been given formal education and skills training. Research suggests 70% of human trafficking cases in Ghana are internal with 78% of victims between 6-15 years old. Low participation and progress of women in society is likely to make girls more vulnerable


14 year old trafficking survivor speaks out. “Samantha” was coorced to run away from home by an older man she’d met who promised her trips to Vegas, meetings with movie stars, and cross country trips. After being sold into prostitution, she blamed herself: “After it was done to me, I felt like I deserved it. I had made the decision to run away and I made the mistake of trusting a stranger.” See clip,0,7985482.story


Asian workers are being exploited for labour on strawberry farms. They are reportedly subject to underpayment or no payment at all, forced labor, abuse, and humiliation. Police have identified more than 100 potential victims over the past two years.


A government trainee programme for foreigners has been described as a “form of human trafficking,” after dozens have died from “karoshi” or “death through overwork.” Since the 1990s Japan has invited tens of thousands of foreigners (mostly from China, Indonesia and the Philippines) to take part in industrial training programmes to “learn new skills”. In reality however the scheme exploits cheap unskilled labourers. Many pay huge deposits in, often equal to several years’ income, to unauthorised brokers who help them register for the programme and travel to Japan. One worker was found to be working more than 100 hours overtime in one month at a metal processing firm.


7 Arrests made in trafficking operation at properties in Ipswich, Norwich, Swindon, Harwich in Essex and Tedburn St Mary in Devon. Those arrested are also being held on suspicion of conspiracy to traffic for sexual exploitation and for managing, keeping, or assisting in the management of a brothel for prostitution.


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