UGANDA’S CHILD SACRIFICE. Warning – its a gruesome story…

…but its happening, so we need to talk about it.

As Uganda becomes more modern and developed, a murderous ritual is increasing. According to a BBC documentary, it is believed that buried under some of the new buildings in the capital Kampala are the bodies of children. All over the country, innocent young people are being kidnapped and trafficked for human sacrifice.

Many Ugandan people, from tribal leaders to businessmen, visit witch-doctors if they have a problem or an illness. They believe that the witch-doctor will communicate with spirits on their behalf, using rituals and techniques for healing or success. Most of these doctors are harmless, but there are thousands that are not. Some rituals require the body parts and blood of ‘pure’ people. Children are considered purer but are not readily available off the supermarket shelves, and so children are being trafficked and murdered to complete the spiritual interaction, sometimes by their own families.

Parents are terrified. There have been cases reported of people finding the bodies of their children in the forest, with organs and blood removed. On a BBC news documentary ( one ex-witch-doctor admits that for his initiation ceremony, a 13 year old boy was sacrificed, his warm blood poured over him as a new recruit to encourage spiritual possession.

Local people believe that in pursuit of wealth, ambition is driving people to witch-doctors to ask for success in their business and wealth. Some of the people of Uganda believe that the search for modernity is resulting in children being trafficked for their blood.

This is totally horrendous. It seems to go against every natural instinct we possess. To be honest, reading about it makes me want to simultaneously cry and vomit. One of the scariest elements of this story is that it is not uneducated tribes that visit witch-doctors. They are advertised on the radio, and many professionals (and government ministers!) consult them for healing and other issues. Whilst many are innocent and not involved in dangerous practices, a widely accepted belief system is leading to the trafficking and murder of innocent children.

Is modernity leading to ‘magic’ and murder?


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