Global news round 16/07/20


ECPAT UK and the Body Shop launched a new petition calling on government to introduce a new strategy of guardianship. Research found 55% of children who have been identified as trafficked go missing from local authority care and are never found. It is believed this is because the trafficker has found them or they run away in fear of being found. Last year, the Guardian exposed the case of one council run home near Heathrow where 77 Chinese children went missing in less than three years. Check out ECPAT UK online to sign the petition

Working in partnership with French police, Six Albanian men have been arrested in a series of raids across Britain, as part of an investigation into human trafficking. The close collaboration between the forces of the two countries highlights an important message: criminals cannot escape justice by crossing international boundaries.


There is an interesting article in the New York times discussing legal issues and the vulnerability of US born runways.


A Businesswoman in Belize has been charged for 2 counts of human trafficking. An 18-year-old domestic reported that between March first and May 10 she was working as an unpaid waitress or the businesswoman, forced to work and have sex with male clients against her will.


Libyan leader Moamer Kadhafi has accused world football’s governing body FIFA of being a “global mafia” that is involved in the trafficking of players from poor nations to wealthier ones.


One thought on “Global news round 16/07/20

  1. Thanks for highlighting the new ECPAT and Body Shop campaign against child trafficking. This is a global campaign with a local feel. Petitions in each country are focussed on the most pressing local issue. We really need all the support we can get to give protection to trafficking children. To sign the petition go into any Body Shop store or in the UK go to which has all the links. The Body Shop are also selling a fantastic handcream called ‘Soft Hands, Kind Heart’ and all profits raised go to supporting ECPAT’s work on child exploitation and trafficking. You can also follow all the news on FaceBook and Twitter. In the UK the Petition calls for a system of legal guardianship for trafficking children so every child has someone they can turn to. Celebrities across the world are lending a hand and giving their handprints. See featured handprints such as Robert Pattinson and Joanna Lumley on the ECPAT UK website.

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