Newsround 9/7/10

Canada – 11 women rescued from forced prostitution in massage parlour

A popular Richmond Hill massage parlour has been raided over the weekend. 11 women were found inside, however only one was willing to give a statement against the men who police believe were running the parlour. The women were forced to provide sexual services for customers, and if they refused, brute force was used. They lived in cramped conditions and were given very little food.

Nigerian-EU anti-trafficking project launched

A project has been launched to try and reduce the number of Nigerians being trafficked into Europe. The project will also improve the protection and rehabilitation of trafficking victims. The project will run for 2 years and is being funded by the EU. This coincides with Nigeria being one of the largest source countries for victims as far as national referrals go.

Three people arrested in Florida for trafficking for forced labour

Three people have been arrested in Florida for multiple offences, including human trafficking for forced labour. It is believed that hundreds of Haitian nationals have been trafficked into America, to work on farms in rural Alachua County. Further arrests are possible in relation with this. One worker told investigators about being forced to work in fields recently sprayed with chemicals so harsh they left her with permanent scars.

Top 26 fugitives to be found using Facebook

Interpol are using social networking sites, such as Facebook, to try and find 26 top fugitives. These 26 include several human traffickers who have offended multiple times, and are probably still buying and selling people now.

IGI arrests point to international human trafficking ring

Following the arrest of 27 people at the IGI Airport and two agents in a human trafficking racket, Delhi Police and other agencies will now check the details of ‘tickets taken in bulk’ by travel agents, especially for countries like Saudi Arabia. It is suspected that two agents of Pan travels in New Delhi, sent several people outside the country promising them jobs in Iraq and handing over fake passports and visas. There are thought to be many bogus agents operating.


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