NEWSROUND 24/06/2010

KOSOVO- Source, Transit & Destination for victims

Kosovo is not only the source but also the transit and final destination for most women and children who sadly fall victims of human trafficking. The majority of the victims are from Eastern Europe, from the following places like Moldova, Albania, Bulgaria and Serbia and are found as subjects of forced prostitution in Kosovo. The government still needs to adopt minimal measures to control the problem.

Tourism companies face Trafficking Crackdown

Tourism companies face a crackdown on human trafficking in the United Arab Emirates. The authority will make a list of the companies trafficking girls from abroad. These companies have connections to organized criminals abroad, and their influence on hotels and travel agencies are main attributes to their human trafficking activities.

Romania-Italy trafficking ring dismantled

Italian and Romanian authorities have dismantled a human trafficking network which sexually exploited more than 150 women including minors in the peninsula. 14 people were detained in several regions of Romania in response to European warrants issued by a court in Milan. In Italy, 26 people were also held Friday, while 57 people, mostly Romanian, were involved. Several Italians, an Albanian and an Egyptian were also part of the gang.

Highly acclaimed Trafficking documentary REDLIGHT

NEW YORK, Jun 21,REDLIGHT, a powerful feature documentary exposing the global issue of human trafficking, premiered. Narrated by UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Lucy Liu, REDLIGHT tells real life stories of child victims and two remarkable women (both nominated for the Nobel peace Prize) who fight to save them. REDLIGHT uses footage smuggled out of brothels in Cambodia and testimonials from the young victims and their relatives.


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