Oasis Youth Theatre continue to WOW Audiences & the UN!

All England winners Lord’s Hill OASIS YOUTH THEATRE wowed the audience at their performance of One Million to…STOP THE TRAFFIK in London’s Oasis centre on Monday night in front of UN representative Sandra Kozeschnik and Iman Sidky of the Suzanne Mubarak International Women’s International Peace Movement!

Directed by Mark Wheeler, the play profiles the issue of human trafficking using the remarkable founding story of STOP THE TRAFFIK to jolt audiences to get active.

The play was an explosive portrayal of traffickers as preditors to their victims, using an electric combination breakdancing and incredible animalistic vocals to really get the message across.

We were massively proud of all the cast and crew involved in this fabulous production and as Ruth Dearnley said when she spoke afterwards, these performers are winners not just of a competition; they are winners for taking this message forward on a creative platform and using it to inspire young people like themselves to raise awareness and tell others about it. And just as the traffickers don’t give up, neither should we!

We wish the OASIS YOUTH THEATRE a big CONGRATULATIONS for representing England & BEST OF LUCK for contending in the UK Finals of the Theatre Festival! We hope you win! But for everyone else remember, there is no competition when it comes to STOPPING THE TRAFFIK. We all have the potential to do something about it.

Just as getting 1 MILLION signatures for a declaration to the UN was once deemed an impossible task that we overcame, so can you overcome any obstacles that might be stopping you STOP THE TRAFFIK. THINK BIG but don’t forget to also ACT!

Check out our ACT campaign here www.stopthetraffik.org/act

If you were there and would like to see more pictures and make audience comments, OYT would love to hear from you to help the play progress further. See this page:


And see more about the fantastic production on these YOUTUBE promo spots:




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