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If you haven’t already grab your free copy of the METRO today 23rd June 2010- STOP THE TRAFFIK are mentioned!

As England’s game is about to kick off today in the WORLD CUP, Graeme Green highlights the dark secret threatening  South Africa’s hospitality.

“Wherever there’s a global sporting event, there’s the inevitable international gathering of supporters and crowds with a potential market for every kind of business says our own founder Steve Chalke.

More than 10,000 child prostitutes are thought to be working in the area around Jo’burg’s new Soccer City Stadium. Poverty, unempoloyment, rape and domestic violence are what drives many of these children to the streets.

This is why if you’ve seen something that is suspiscious (perhaps at a stadium,  in your hotel or at the airport)  you should find out about what you can do.  We believe that ANYONE travelling abroad, can be part of the fight against human trafficking through reporting suspicious activities and showing hotels and businesses that they will not be associated with those who are complicit in this crime. See more here

Working undercover as a ‘decoy customer,’ in countries such as Phillipines and Cambodia, Jeffrey Blom (Vice President of Investigations at the International Justice Mission) highlights the role of the consumer in collecting evidence of crimes being commited. We don’t think you need to be working undercover to be alert and raise awareness.  You might be the person in a shop, hotel lobby,  restaurant, or airport who notices something suspiscious and does something to STOP IT.

We need to ACT even on anecdotal evidence of the increased risk of trafficking around sporting events, because the nature of the problem of trafficking means that it is HIDDEN and even the real statistics that are out there are potentially flawed. See how you can ACT here

Read more from the Merto article here:


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