Oasis Youth Theatre Crowned at All England Festival

Based at Oasis Academy Lord’s Hill in Southampton, Oasis Youth Theatre scooped the top prize at the weekend’s All-England Theatre Festival, beating more than 100 productions from around the country. They will go on to represent the nation at the British final in Scotland later this month with their performance of One Million to STOP THE TRAFFIK – a harrowing portrayal of the global trade in human life.


The production was devised and produced by the Oasis Youth Theatre after arts director Mark Wheeller heard about Human Trafficking and decided to use his skills to do something to stop it! The play includes a story about an English girl who is trafficked after falling into drugs and the sex trade. It also has original music and multi media images, as well as an award winning portrayal of body-popping vultures who hang over the trade as predators.  

The group now has less than three weeks to prepare for the national finals to be held in East Kilbride on June 24th and 25th. They will perform a special fundraising show at the academy on June 16th, but are also looking for individuals or organisations to sponsor their bid for national glory.

The Oasis centre in London is lucky to be showing the production on Monday the 21st June!

STOP THE TRAFFIK do have a few spaces left so let us know if you are interested by emailing info@stopthetraffik.org.

Please note some scenes are not suitable for children under 13.

See the amazing reviews on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=285689902664&topic=21998.

The composer has also made available on Amazon and coming soon to itunes, the first ever STOP THE TRAFFIK soundtrack! This is non-profit; check it out here: 



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