Hi everyone!

We’ve just gone LIVE with our BRAND NEW website FREEDOM TICKET FOR LIFE! Here we are in the office looking a bit silly but in high spirits for the launch!

The project focuses on providing an education to girls most vulnerable to trafficking. We believe that the longer a girl is in education, the less likely she is to being trafficked. When she is in school, she is in a safe environment & when she finishes, the more choices she has about her future.

You can all get involved with our exciting new FREE:ME Avatar and the opportunity to take part and get sponsored to RUN for FREEDOM!

Read about all the exciting new Education projects taking place in anti-trafficking HOT SPOTS around the world that you can become involved with by raising money through running -or crawling! Check it out here:

Lives are waiting to be changed with your help- so give vulnerable girls their FREEDOM TICKET FOR LIFE!

We hope you get on board and have a fabulous weekend!



  1. Georgia

    How has it taken me a week to spot these pics?! You all look fab!!! and the freedom ticket for life website looks ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC – excellent work everyone, i miss you all very much!! x

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