Global News Summary 7.5.2010

Couple arrested for human trafficking in Florida

Sophia Manuel and Alfonso Baldonado Jr were arrested in Florida for organising a scheme in which Filipino nationals were forced to work in South Florida country clubs and hotels. They were falsely promised jobs with high wages, days off and overtime pay and were tricked into paying up front and handing over their passports. For two years, the trafficked Filipino individuals were forced to live crammed in a house, were given no money and very little food and water. They were threatened with deportation and arrest if they tried to leave. Read More

Connecticut Attorney General looking into paid sex ads on Craigslist

There has been speculation about the way in which Craigslist is running its ‘adult’ category. They say this is closely screened, but there are doubts about whether Craigslist can ensure victims of human trafficking are not being sold on their website. Currently, users of the adult site must click to agree that they will flag any illegal activity and report suspected human trafficking cases to authorities. But the Connecticut Attorney General has subpoenaed Craigslist in order to investigate whether it is doing enough to fight human trafficking and whether it may be profiting from it. Read More

Ghanaian Government to build shelters for human trafficking victims

Shelters for human trafficking victims are to be built in Accra and Kumasi, Ghana. Campaigners have been demanding shelters be built for a long time, as victims are often sent back to the environment they were trafficked from and are very vulnerable to being re-trafficked. This was announced at a 4-day workshop for law enforcement agencies, the judiciary, prosecutors, government officials and non-governmental organisations. The workshop heard that 123 officials have been trained around human trafficking and that awareness raising campaigns in the country will continue to grow. Read More

Sabah, Malaysia is a ‘hotspot’ for human trafficking

Sabah police have admitted they are having difficulty in preventing human trafficking and protecting the escaped victims in the area. Sabah is considered one of the three top destinations for human traffickers in the country. Police say it is hard to find shelter for the victims while waiting for their courses to go to court. Human trafficking is said to thrive in Sabah due to economic prosperity and poor border control. Read More

Syrian human trafficker sentenced to life in prison

A ‘ringleader’ of Abu Dhabi’s largest human trafficking operation was sentenced to life in prison in Abu Dhabi. He was found guilty of purchasing women from Morocco and forcing them into prostitution. He owned flats where up to 18 women were found imprisoned, with ‘bodyguards’ assigned to watch over them and transport them. His wife testified in court saying she was also forced into prostitution only 3 months after she married him. One woman was able to escape and brought the case to the attention of the authorities. Read More


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