Global News Summary 20.4.2010

UN human trafficking expert fact finding in Egypt

The UN Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons is in Egypt from the 11th to the 21st of April examining all forms of human trafficking in the country, especially that of women and children. This is the first fact finding mission of this kind to take place in Egypt. She is there to assess the progress being made by the government to tackle human trafficking, to examine the human rights of actual or potential victims of trafficking and promote the prevention of trafficking in persons. The UN Special Rapporteur will visit day care centers and shelters for trafficking victims in Cairo and Alexandria. Read More

 ‘Asian Slaves’ freed in Costa Rica

Costa Rican police found and rescued 15 Vietnamese, 13 Indonesians, five Filipinos, two Taiwanese and a Chinese national working in slave like conditions on two fishing boats operated by a foreign shipping company. These individuals were forced to work for 20 hours a day without being paid; they were beaten and given very little food. The men were promised $250 for their work but never saw it; the ship’s operators say their money was being sent to their families but this is untrue. Their passports were also seized to stop them from escaping. The authorities became aware of the case after nine Vietnamese men escaped by jumping overboard and swimming to shore. Read More

Fears of widespread human trafficking in Denmark

The Danish Centre for Human Trafficking has released figures of women who have been trafficked into the sex industry. The centre contacted 1,067 migrant women working in the sex industry; 54 were identified as victims of human trafficking. Almost half of the trafficking victims were from Nigeria while others were from countries such as Thailand, Lithuania and Russia. Experts are saying that 54 is not an indicative figure as statistics are very hard to find due to the nature of the crime. They expect the number of trafficked women working in the sex industry to be much higher than once thought. Read More

 Women in California sentenced for trafficking for forced labour

A woman in California lured a Peruvian woman to the US with a false promise of a job and then confiscated her travel documents and forced her to work without being paid. She has now been sentenced to six years in prison. She was found guilty of trafficking for forced labour; she kept a ‘domestic slave’ from the summer of 2006 to the spring of 2008. The victim was made to care for the children and did other household chores from early morning to late at night without breaks, while sleeping on the living room floor and eating food rationed by her employer. She was not allowed to contact her family or the outside world. The victim urges others in her position to seek help and fight for the justice they deserve. Read More

Steven Seagal sued over sexual assault and sex trafficking

Steven’s Seagal former personal assistant is taking him to court with claims that he sexually assaulted her and illegally trafficked women. She states that the actor kept two Russian attendants who were available for him at any time and is alleging that this was done through trafficking. Read More


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