Wonderful People

At STOP THE TRAFFIK we’d just like to say a Super Huge Enormous THANK YOU to all the wonderful people who are raising money and helping our campaigns grow.

To me, running, jumping, walking, skipping for more than 5 minutes seems impossible; so to all you fantastic and brave people doing these things for STOP THE TRAFFIK we just want you to know your support is truly invaluable.

Best of luck to Victoria who’s running the London Marathon, Julie who’s doing the Thunder 10k run, Jennifer who will run the Coventry half Marathon and Kate who’s taking part in the Barrow Sprint Triathlon.

Finally, a massive well done and thank you to Ben and Dai who did the Highlander Mountain Marathon.

If you’re raising money for STOP THE TRAFFIK we’d love to know about it and thank you in at least 3 language so emails us at info@stopthetraffik.org.


2 thoughts on “Wonderful People

  1. Julie Ricketts

    Hi! This is Julie who’s doing the Thunder 10k Run. You have my name as JULIA on the blog post…not JULIE. Not sure if you can change this as I want to post it on my Facebook profile with the correct name on it! :o)

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